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Quality and durability

What characterises the production of Céramiques de France is the quality of the products and their excellent durability in an outdoor environment.

Products guaranteed for use in harsh conditions

Not that funerary ceramics are used in a brutal way, but let's just say that they will spend many years outside, subject to the weather’s tantrums, alternating hot and cold, wet and dry periods and attacks from salt, ultra-violet rays and pollution.

expéditions des céramiqueOur products are frost-resistant and a wet autumn followed by a harsh winter will not make them shatter. The same goes for the treatment of colours: they do not fade and the sun will not transform the bright colours of your floral arrangements into pastel shades.

Regular checks

Our products are all tested before shipping, and are sent out only if they scrupulously meet the specifications that we have set to guarantee your peace of mind. And should a defect escape us, then we assure the replacement of the defective product. It’s a case of credibility.

Frost resistance

fleur céramiqueFrost is the number-one enemy of the outdoor ceramic insofar it is capable of breaking a product whose waterproofness would not be perfect: the water seeps into the ceramic, it increases in volume during the frost and the ceramic object, a rigid product, breaks. Céramiques de France has developed a manufacturing process to ensure that waterproofness. Moreover, a test laboratory has recorded quite spectacular test results for frost resistance.

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